Internet in Thailand

The top provider in Thailand is DTAC with a great Mobile Internet service at affordable rates.

Visitors simply buy a sim card at any of the 7-11 or family mart stores and start to surf freely.

Also True is offering a fine mobile Internet service, however their speed can be slow.

Web hosting in Thailand

More and more hotels, guest houses and businesses need reliable web hosting and a modern mobile friendly website with a catchy web design, what is fairly expensive in Thailand.

But many Internet agencies are now offering websites and most obviously, not all of them are so good.

In fact, those website buyers who also want to have a solid business will have to find a web agency with good experience, a regular command of the English language and some solid skills in website marketing.

Only established International agencies can really help with search engine optimization, what is called seo to bring hotel and guest house websites to top ranks at Google.

Web design in Thailand


In Thailand even a small basic website may cost at least $450 whilst & have been successfully providing many smaller hotels and guest houses in South Asia with web design and web hosting services since 2004 starting as low as $100 for a basic website.

Of course, video productions, more complex websites sites and search engine optimization, marketing and consultancy have their price.

But overall it seems, that International web agencies seem to be more competitive when buying a website for hotels or any other business.

Feel free to ask for a quote if interested.


photo from Bangkok advertising in Thailand

Web Hosting for Thailand

FatCow is a fine example since the US are currently the home of the most convincing web hosting companies with modern high speed servers, the best cpanels and some efficient live support.

Included in their great deal are some neat free advertising budgets worth $100 at Google, $50 at facebook plus $25 at Yahoo.

Popular is now also HostMonster for another affordable quality Web Hosting service for unlimited domains with unlimited web space, traffic and e-mail accounts. In addition SSH, cpanel, video and audio hosting.

Crucial and cheap reseller web hosting can be found at providing a cpanel for an unlimited amount of domains, 1 Terrabyte Traffic and some solid 50 GB web space

All of these three providers have been widely tested and deserve to be recommended.


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