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Patong, Phuket, Nightlife

Nightlife in Patong

Nightlife Entertainment in Patong is offering a large variety of clubs and live music venues and sometimes even International top acts are performing in Phuket.

Very memorable has been Boy George doing a great Dj set at the old Seduction Night Club.

Boy George in Thailand

Boy George in Phuket

Before his show he gave a superb interview

Watch the video

Live Music

Hosting live bands in Patong very popular and a true highlight are the great Jambo Survivors from Tanzania.

Bangla Road Entertainment

includes a whole lot of venues including the famous Tiger complex as well as the large Hollywood Disco, the Flaunt, the Seduction and so on.

Beach Road Entertainment

presents the Jambo Survivors and the infamous Disco Bananas.

photo African Live Band in Patong, Thailand
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African Live Band

Some Funky African live grooves and vibes were rocking the Port right on Patong Beach Road nicely.

Tiger on Bangla Road, Patong
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Tiger on Bangla Road

The classic upstairs club on Bangla Road in Patong with loads of girlie bars below had suffered from a huge fire in 2012 when four people had died.

Tai Pan on Bangla Road, Patong
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Tai Pan on Bangla Road

Only 10 meters away from Bangla Road the Tai Pan has built it's reputation by attracting many girls.

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