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Thailand Ladyboys

The Simon Cabaret in Phuket

has become world famous and millions of visitors will remember the show forever.

At the same time Sex Shows and Go go bar girls have created a deep impact on certain groups of tourists and on the overall image of Thailand.

That's why it feels nice to see also the comedian site of Thailand, which is creating so much fun with their talented performances.


Meanwhile there is even a Thai Airline with the name PC, which is preferably hiring Ladyboys as flight attendants.


Ladyboys Show on Video

Thailand Ladyboys video

Ladyboy Show on Ko Samui. Watch the video


photo Simon Cabaret Ladyboys in Phuket, Thailand
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Simon Cabaret Ladyboys

Wonderful costumes and many unique characters are another reason for the enormous success of the legendary Simon Cabaret in Phuket Island, which is truly worth a visit.

photo Simon Cabaret Ladyboy in Phuket, Thailand
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Simon Cabaret Ladyboy

The perhaps most impressive artistic performance is an awesome Japanese Geisha parody, which is highly enjoyed by also the Japanese guests. Great movements and a deep understanding of traditional Japanese masquerade and the characteristics of the Japanese Geisha tradition makes the performance utterly outstanding.

photo Simon Cabaret Ladyboy in Phuket, Thailand

Simon Cabaret Ladyboys

Some of the Ladyboys at Simon Cabaret are much taller than the average Thai man and their toughness and self-confidence is very strong and can perhaps be compared to their counterparts in Brazil.


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