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  Thailand Ladyboys in Patong on Phuket
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Ladyboys on Phuket

Many Thai ladyboys have chosen Bangla Road on Phuket as their preferred home where they have tremendous chances to meet their love of a lifetime or just for one night.

Thailand Ladyboys on Bangla Road  in  Patong Phuket
Thai Ladyboys on Bangla Roadbackmore Thailand Ladyboys

Some call them she males but the word ladyboys is the most popular one.


Ladyboy on Bangla Road  in  Patong Phuket
Thailand Ladyboys on Bangla Road

Ladyboys love dramatic outfits and they do spend giant amounts of money on their looks.


Ladyboys on Bangla Road  in  Patong Phuket
Thai Ladyboys on Bangla Roadbackmore Thailand Ladyboys

Ladyboys do also attract many tourists from India and Sri Lanka who are mostly unable to see the difference between regular Thai girls and these kind of female gentlemen.

Often French Arabs and Indians turn out as kind of unhappy, when they find out that they have had intercourse with a Ladyboy once the night is over.

In particular many Western bodybuilders seem to have a strong obession for the Thai Ladyboys.

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