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Thailand Ladyboys

Ladyboys in Thailand

Kathoey is the Thai word for Ladyboy and in no other country in the world these Ladyboys are as free and as many as in Thailand, from were a certain amount has now moved to Cambodia.

Wikipedia points at Nong Tum, who perhaps might be the most famous Ladyboy thanks to the appearance in the movie "Beautiful Boxer" in which some incredible physical fitness is getting displayed.

Bangla Road, Beach Road and Rat u Tit Road are the prime venues in Phuket, where the famous Thai Ladyboys meet their lovers

Ladyboys Show video

Thailand Ladyboys video

Ladyboy Show on Ko Samui.
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Thai Ladyboys Show on Ko Samui
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Thai Ladyboys Show

Some people call them she males but the expression Ladyboys has emerged as the most popular one.

photo Thai Ladyboys Show on Ko Samui, Thailand
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Thai Ladyboys video

The Thai Ladyboys enjoy dramatic outfits when they spend large amounts on their outfits before going on stage. like here at the Absolute World Groups's Christmas party on amazing Ko Samui.

photo Thai Ladyboys Show on Ko Samui, Thailand

Thai Ladyboys Show

Ladyboys do also attract many tourists from India and Sri Lanka, who are mostly unable to see the difference between regular Thai girls and these kind of female gentlemen.

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