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Best room rates in Thailand
| Best room rates in Thailand

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For booking rooms at hotels, resorts and guest houses in Thailand the Agoda reservation system has worked out best for millions of travelers thanks to highest security, a rapid response system, and of course, the very best prices.

That's why Thailand visitors can expect a superb and highly reliable service as much as the by far most competitive rates for Phuket, Ko Samui, Pattaya and Bangkok.

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Best hotel and guesthouse room deals in Phuket and Thailand @

Best hotel and guesthouse room deals in Thailand @

Holidays in Thailand
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Holidays in Thailand

Each year millions of young girls and ladies from countless countries are traveling to Thailand, where they enjoy the beaches, the parties and many tour options. See the photos

Laguna Beach Resort Phuket

Laguna Beach Resort Phuket, Thailand
One of the nicest resort areas in South Asia is Laguna in Phuket, where upscale Holidaymakers enjoy luxury living in various first class Hotels and in privately owned villas close to a wonderful beach.

Photos, story and video

Speedboat Tours

photo from a Speedboat in Phuket, Thailand
Superb speedboat tours to beautiful islands are great fun and they are even affordable.

Photos & story and a Thai Jazz tour video



photo from Chalong in Phuket, Thailand
Many wonderful speedboat tours are taking off at beautiful Chalong harbor.

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