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Golf in Phuket, Thailand

is fantastic where the Laguna Beach Resort is competing with several other fine golf clubs on led by Red Mountain and Loch Palm.

Way on top is certainly the Laguna area with several 5 star hotels, a superb beach and the well maintained 18-hole golf course at Banjan Tree.

Very attractive are certainly the multiple services at Absolute, where Golf fans can expect the real deal through not only an intense cooperation with Callaway as explained by Chairman Bryan Lunt in his video interview about Golf in Thailand.

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Golf course in Phuket
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Golf in Phuket

Phuket is a main international tourist destination in Thailand with a wide range of impressive events and facilities, which have brought millions of Golf players to the Island.

Bryan Lunt in Phuket

Bryan Lunt in Phuket, Thailand

Absolute World Chairman Bryan Lunt has been playing Golf around the world since 25 years. In Phuket he gave a fine introduction to the best Golf courses in Thailand.

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Golf at Laguna Phuket

Laguna Golf in Phuket, Thailand

Not only the ESPN Star sports team from Singapore loves to come around the Laguna golf courses where many special offers are attracting visitors all around the year.

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Golf at Phuket Laguna

Laguna Golf training in Phuket

Europeans enjoy coming out for some Phuket Golf training in winter and great facilities with competitive services and green fees are only some of the reasons for an increasing popularity.




Golf Villas

Golf villa in Phuket, Thailand

Renting or buying a nice pool villa with pool and garden can be ideal for groups, who want to explore the selection of wonderful Golf courses in Phuket during their holidays in Thailand.

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