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Bangkok, Thailand
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Bangkok Shrines & Shopping

Bangkok is an old ancient Asian settlement with a very long history and the amazing Thai tradition.

But meanwhile the city and many of it's citizens have also adopted the modern Western lifestyle with all of it's various luxury goods, items and labels, which have helped to build that giant "Bangkok Shopping" image, which is the city's second internationally known trademark besides it's outstanding nightlife entertainment.

Bangkok Hotels

Apart from shopping Bangkok has also managed to preserve it's fame and glory for offering one of the best nightlife entertainment in the world.

In addition the hospitality industry is great with many fantastic hotels and guest houses, which are providing a variety of superb rooms at very competitive rates and certainly the Sukumvit area is most ideal for a stop over in Bangkok.

Actually the Agoda online reservation system was initially created in Thailand, what may explain the excellent rates and service quality when it comes getting the best

Praying Thai people in Bangkok, Thailand
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Praying Thai people in Bangkok

Many shrines and temples can be found right next to the most modern shopping malls and beer bars, what shows how relaxed the modern Thai Buddhists combine their philosophy with latest trends and amusement.

Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand
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Shrine in Bangkok

Many shrines and temples can be found right next to the most modern shopping complexes and beer bars what shows how relaxed the modern Thai Buddhist combine their philosophy with with current trends and amusement.

Central World in Bangkok, Thailand

CentralWorld in Bangkok

This shrine is only a few steps away from the giant CentralWorld Shopping mall next to a line of large beer pavilions that are run by the big breweries, who have created one of the best entertainment attractions for the early evening, what makes stopping by for a little prayer or meditation between office work and leisure time so very easy in the heart of Bangkok.

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