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Bangkok shopping
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Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is a fine place for shoppers and competing with Hong Kong and Singapore for the very best rates.

Also arriving in Bangkok is pleasant as many taxis offer a ride into the city.

Official AOT Airport taxis are a bit more expensive with up to 1000 THB for a scenic and very comfy night drive into Bangkok.

During the day a bit of bargaining with one of these Meter Taxis might get rewarded with a rate of around 500 THB, or one might even use the much cheaper sky train, which can be also faster during the truly sticky rush hours.

But Bangkok is like everywhere in Asia, where some visitors end up lucky while others don`t in such a busy city full of wheeling and dealing at highest speed levels.

That's why shoppers should thoroughly check their purchases to see if everything is complete and included.

Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand
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Pantip Plaza Bangkok

The large Pantip Plaza is also called IT City, which awaits the curious shopper with vast amounts of stores that are scattered over multiple floors only half an hour and some 500 THB taxi ride away from the Suvarnabhumi airport.

Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand
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Pantip Plaza Bangkok

Best prices for music instruments, all kinds of consumer electronics, ipads, iphones, desktop computers, laptops, components, DVDs, video cameras, bags and even repair shops can be found inside an extremely lively building which might be confusing for first time visitors.


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