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Food in Thailand

Food Paradise Thailand

Thailand has become world famous for it's affordable and very tasty food.

Superb street kitchens, many fine restaurants, well organized chains and large supermarkets provide a wide range of also International meals at such a high quality level that they would also be highly competitive in almost any place in the world.

Except for some typical tourist venues most prices are very reasonable, what does make their offers even more seductive.

In fact, it is not so much the fine dining places, that make Thailand in any way special or different apart from the Thai flavors and ingredients.

It is much more the bottom end at street level and at the local food markets, where the nicest food thrills can be found.


Of course, there are many fine luxury resorts and chic restaurants all around Phuket and Bangkok, which are having fantastic kitchens and chefs, who all are certainly on top of their game.

But so are their counterparts in the Caribbean or other Asian countries while Thailand seems to have the real lead with their delicious street kitchens, that bust out countless tasty meals at rates, that won't even buy some French fries in Paris, Osaka, Moscow, London or Berlin.


Thai food photos compiled by Mayumi

street kitchen in Thailand
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Thai Street kitchen

Such lovely family run street kitchens have helped a lot to make Thailand world famous for it's wonderful food and cooking.

Green Curry chicken in Thailand
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Green curry chicken

This green curry chicken filet is spicy and always delicious. It comes for as little as 50 THB / $1.50 with green beans, steamed rice, cucumber and a cup of soup.

Cashew nut chicken in Thailand
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Cashew nut chicken

A little bit more expensive is this tasty Cashew nut chicken filet for 80 THB / $2.40 with mixed vegetables, steamed rice and a cup of soup.

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