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Thailand Ladyboys

The Simon Cabaret in Patong

One of the unique attractions in Thailand is a world famous Ladyboys Show in Patong in Phuket,which has been seen by millions of visitors.

One of the secrets for that enormous success is a fairly strict policy, which bans photo and video cameras from the show.

Somehow a drastic threat of a fine up to $50.000 has so limited amount of photos that are circulating on the Internet.

This seems to make people a bit more curious, so that even during the low season both of their shows are getting sold out.

Ladyboys Show video

Thailand Ladyboys Show video

Ladyboy Show on Ko Samui. Watch the video

photo Simon Cabaret in Patong, Thailand
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Thai Ladyboys Show

Row C can be highly recommended as it offers a perfect distance to the stage and such energetic Ladyboys, who love to play with their audience.

Simon Cabaret Ladyboy Show in Patong, Thailand
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Simon Cabaret Patong

Spectacular backgrounds and great humorous characters leave all Phuket visitors at the Simon Cabaret in a relaxed and well entertained spirit once they have gone through this marvelous show with a length of 80 minutes.

Simon Cabaret Ladyboy Show, Patong

Simon Cabaret Ladyboys Show

Already before the show guests start to feel a certain excitement and in particular many Asian visitors love to take loads of memory photos in front of the well designed Simon Cabaret building.


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