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Laem Singh Beach in Phuket

The coziest small beach in Phuket is Laem Singh with also some exciting waves during the summer months.

The Laem Singh beach comes right after Kamala and it is not far away from Patong and to be reached by taxi or motor bike within 15 minutes.

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Laem Sing Beach in Phuket, Thailand
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Laeam Sing Beach

It feels nice when climbing down the stairs to the wonderful Laem Singh beach, which is probably one of the best in Phuket with it's fairly developed infrastructure, which consists out of guards who charge some access fee up on the hill and various operators, who rent out deck chairs, umbrellas and the usual gear.

Laem Sing Beach in Phuket, Thailand
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Laem Singh Beach

It is greatest fun to get out into the ocean and to ride and swim on these wonderful waves right before they are breaking.

At times these waves can be up to 3 meters high and more so that ending up in the washing machine certainly requires a bit of breath to avoid any discomforting situations.


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