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The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

The Phi Phi Islands

One of the most popular tour destinations in Thailand are leading right into Phuket, from where the Phi Phi Islands, Krabi and Koh Lanta are only a short boat ride away.

Of course, the 45 minutes ride on a speed boat or the 90 minutes on the ferry can be very entertaining with so many scenic views around.

Activities on Koh Phi Phi

Expert visitors are hiring the right Long tail boat crew, that will catch them some fish to be prepared and served in the evening at any of the restaurants near the Phi Phi harbor.

Long tail boats are also taking visitors over to beautiful Maya Bay and most of them can only be rated as extremely polite and caring.

The Phi Phi Islands tour video

Photo from the Phi Phi Islands near Phuket, Thailand

The Phi Phi Islands are a real must see destination. Watch the video

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Welcome to the Phi Phi Islands

Such amazing sunsets out on the wide open sea are just one out of so many thrills that have made the Phi Phi Islands world famous.

Phi Phi Islands view point

photo from the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Climbing up to the Phi Phi view point is one of the attractions that visitors should not miss unless suffering from a weak heart.




Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling

photo from Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling near Phuket, Thailand

Swimming and snorkeling with millions of fish is an experience.




Phi Phi Islands swimming

photo from a Speedboat on Raya Island near Phuket, Thailand

Afternoons are magnificent and light creates a unique feeling while swimming through the lovely Phi Phi Islands.





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