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Thailand Girls

Japanese Girls in Thailand

More and more Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian girls seem to like Phuket a lot and many are seeking jobs inside the tourism industry, where they can bring in their language abilities.



photo Japanese girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Japanese girl in Phuket

in Phuket the Japanese girls are not so rare and many come to live and work inside the tourism industry and often they are finding foreign love and boyfriends.

In fact there are T-shirts circulating around Asia with "looking for a Japanese girl friend" printed on them. So easy to understand why!

photo Bikini girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Girls in Thailand

So many Western girls love to relax on the lovely Thai beaches.

photo Western Lady in Phuket, Thailand

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Western Lady in Phuket

Also the middle aged Western Ladies are having a splendid time in lovely Thailand.


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