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Girls in Thailand
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Chinese Girls in Thailand

Obviously Air Asia has changed the word for many Chinese girls, who can now easily afford a holiday in South Asia, where the air is clean and where the overall atmosphere is much more relaxed than in busy China.

Models in Thailand

Since decades Phuket Island has been a target for models and photographers and here are the photos.

Model Shooting on a super yacht

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Photo from sexy Models in Phuket, Thailand


photo Chinese bikini girls in Phuket, Thailand
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Chinese Girls in Thailand

Swimming in Phuket has become great fun for so many young Chinese girls.

photo Chinese girl in Bangkok, Thailand
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Chinese Girls in Thailand

Also in Bangkok the young Chinese girls seem to have a very good time.

photo Chinese Bikini girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Chinese Bikini Girl in Thailand

Interesting to see, how fast many young Chinese girls have adjusted to Bikini swim suits, which are still getting classified as absolutely indecent in wider parts of China.


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