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Girls in Thailand
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Chinese Girls in Thailand

More and more beautiful Chinese girls are coming down to South Asia while seeking jobs and marriage partners to improve their life quality, which can be very bad in China, where air pollution and stress can be very disturbing.

Most Chinese girls simply desire to have a good life as a house wife and some early marriage has always been the No.1 goal for most of them Chinese.

But meanwhile the young and fairly wealthy young generation of Chinese girls is way more independent and very hungry to explore other countries.

Models in Thailand

Since decades Phuket has been an attraction for models and photographers and here are the photos.

Model Shooting in Phuket

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Photo from sexy Models in Phuket, Thailand

photo Chinese bikini girls in Phuket, Thailand
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Chinese Girls in Thailand

Despite their desire for keeping their skin white some of the young Chinese girls are no longer afraid of a bit of sunshine, as that puts them obviously into a good fun mood.

photo Chinese Bikini girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Chinese Bikini Girl in Thailand

More and more young and sexy looking Chinese Girls enjoy wearing bikini swim suits and some of them are even moving down to Thailand seeking fun, a boyfriend or a well paid job.

photo Chinese girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Chinese Girl in Phuket

Dancing and having fun is what the young and sexy Chinese girls like when they come to Phuket for a nice holiday in Thailand since flights and package tours from China have become incredibly cheap.


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