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Muslim Girls in Thailand

Phuket has a fairly big Muslim community, which is looking well after those many tourists, who are coming in from the Middle East and neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, from where also many couples and singles are constantly coming to Phuket for a holiday.

And on the island such Burkinis are spreading fast among the Muslim girls as it is giving them a chance to explore the feeling of ocean water.

That's why the Burkini is becoming more so popular among the Muslim Ladies, who can now also obtain for leisure time on the beautiful Thai beaches.

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Muslim girl in Phuket

The Kai Islands in Phuket are such a beautiful place, which has inspired a Muslim girl to pray and to meditate.

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Photo from Phuket, Thailand


Model girls in Thailand

Since ages Phuket has been an attraction for models and photographers and here are the photos.


Model Shooting on a fancy yacht

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Sexy Models in Phuket, Thailand

photo Muslim girl in Thailand in Phuket, Thailand
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Muslim couple in Phuket

The latest Muslim Burkini beach wear does certainly provide maximum protection against the strong sunshine on the beautiful beaches of Phuket.


photo Muslim girl in Thailand in Phuket, Thailand
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Muslim girl in Phuket

Perhaps such beautiful nature has inspired this Muslim lady for some prayer and Meditation.

photo Muslim Girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Muslim Girl in Thailand

And what a wonderful place to be in the Khai Islands next to Phuket.


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