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Bangla Road & Massage Girls

Certainly the entertainment sector in Phuket has not reached the size and fame of Pattaya and Bangkok.

But apparently, the amount of fortune and fun seeking girls has become large in Patong and lonesome males will find countless opportunities.

Model girls on video

Many beautiful bikini models are coming down to sunny Phuket for some regular photo shootings.

Model Shooting on a fancy yacht

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Photo from sexy Models in Phuket, Thailand Model Shooting on the Khai Islands

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Thai girls in Phuket, Thailand


photo Girls on Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket
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Girls on Bangla Road

Slightly less romantic seem to be the activities on Bangla Road, where all kinds of offerings require intense promotion due to fierce competition for the biggest spenders.

photo Thai Massage Girls in Phuket
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Thai Massage Girls

Yes, there are a few massage girls in Patong. But reality is, that many kids and families are depending on the income, which is generated at such massage parlors.

In fact most of the massage girls enjoy a sociable and easy life when sitting with friends and servicing just the occasional customer, what earns them a multiple of what jobs in offices and shops might bring in.

For those girls with some fairly limited education the massage parlor is like a family and pimps like in Europe are rare while most venues are managed by Thai Mama San Ladies.

photo Bangla Road Girls in Patong in Phuket
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Bangla Road Girls in Patong

Most Bangla Road girls are certainly not limited to pole dancing and several bars are offering this type of entertainment.


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