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Muslim Girls in Thailand

Radical Muslims might feel perhaps offended when seeing such wonderful Muslim couples having fun on the Thai beaches alongside Western Bikini girls.

Of course, the Muslim girls have to wear their traditional Burkha or a Burkini when snorkeling or having fun on Jet Skies.

And some of these very brave Muslim girls are even getting flown over Patong Beach while gliding on a parachute.

Muslim girl in Phuket

The Kai Islands in Phuket are such a beautiful place, which has inspired a Muslim girl to pray and meditate.

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Photo from Phuket, Thailand

Model girls in Thailand

Since ages Phuket has been an attraction for models and photographers and here are the photos and the videos from an ftv model shooting for the Absolute World Group.

Model Shooting on a fancy yacht

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Photo from sexy Models on Phuket, ThailandModel Shooting in the Khai Islands

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photo Muslim girl in Phuket, Thailand
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Muslim Girl in Thailand

Interesting to see Western swim suits right next to traditional Muslim Burkini swim suits, and one may wonder, what the Muslim girls might be feeling and thinking during any such moments.

photo Bikini girls in Phuket, Thailand
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Bikini girls Thailand

Great to see, how well Muslim and Western girls can mingle along on the beautiful beaches around Phuket, where disputes or conflicts are absolutely nonexistent.

photo Muslim couple in Phuket, Thailand
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Muslims in Thailand

Many Muslim couples are enjoying day tours to the wonderful Khai Islands.


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