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Phuket Thailand

Bangla Road in Patong

When night arrives at the Hollywood or Tiger Night Clubs, some big money starts to roll when all kinds of creatures are tuning in for another regular nocturnal hunt.

Regardless if tourist or local service provider, everyone seems to be in it for something and nights on Bangla Road ain't that long in most venues, but still giving enough time to find pretty much anything except true love.

At least the occasional young Western tourist may feel the illusion of love, but mostly it is all just a holiday and folks are either in it for having fun or making some fast money.

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Bangla Road Patong, Phuket

In fact, Bangla Road looks so nice on a sunny early Christmas morning

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Tiger on Bangla Road, Patong
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Tiger on Bangla Road

One of the traditional traps on Bangla Road is the Tiger Discotheque with a large girlie bar area below that functions as the sales room for a few hundred working girls and Ladyboys, who can't wait to get barfined and to give any kind of service to their customers.

Hollywood Nightclub on Bangla Road
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Hollywood on Bangla Road

The large Hollywood Discotheque is a few years younger than the Tiger operation and under a strong Italian influence.


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