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Bangla Road in Patong

The competition is fierce among the many restaurants, bars, clubs and girls and especially during the long low season not every operator ends up happy, though their smiles are still the very same than during the busy high season, when customers from all over the world are rushing into Patong for their specific thrills on the amazingly small Bangla Road.

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Bangla Road Patong, Phuket, Thailand

In fact, Bangla Road looks so nice on a sunny early Christmas morning

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Bangla Road girls in Patong
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Girls on Bangla Road

Every night thousands of tourists and party goers are walking up and down on Patong's short Bangla Road Catwalk, where every road girl and Ladyboy has some sort of an assigned spot.


Bangla Road in Patong
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Bangla Road in Patong

Over the years Soi Bangla has become one of the most infamous strips in Thailand, though it is still far away from becoming as large as Pattaya's walking street.


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